EPiC Elementary is located in Liberty, MO.  We are a K-5 elementary within the Liberty Public School District.  EPiC opened in August of 2014.

Studio 3 at EPiC has 50 learners with two team teachers.

We strive to:

1.  Build and maintain respectful and meaningful relationships with, and among, our learners.

2.  Connect our learners to their communities.

3.  Individualize learning.

4.  Provide our learners with choice and ownership in their learning.

5.  Make learning relevant and engaging.

We are excited to use this platform to share all about our learning during the 2015-2016 school year.  We invite you to follow our journey!

Studio 3 Team Teachers

Kellie Konrad and Kimberly Dawn Shannon


kkonrad@liberty.k12.mo.us  /  kdshannon@liberty.k12.mo.us

@kelliekonrad  /  @K_DawnShannon