Launching our Official Student Blogs!

Dear Families,

On Monday, August 31st your child will login to his/her KidBlog account and draft their first official blog post!

Studio 3 Kidblog

Studio 3 KidBlog

We have some very important information for you about student blogs.  Your child will bring home a hard copy of this information (see below) tomorrow, Aug. 31st. Please note there will be a section to sign and return.  

IMPORTANT:  Student Blogging Information

August 31, 2015

Dear Studio 3 Parents,

Today, your child drafted his/her very first blog post!

If you prefer your child’s blog have any restrictions, please email us your requests by Friday, Sept. 4th.  Unless we are notified, your student will have the following:

  • Image of face with first name only (no last names will ever be used)
  • Blog viewable by anyone
  • Commenting:
    • Ms. Bennett, Ms. Konrad and Studio 3 students will be able to leave comments.
    • Digital Volunteers (info. coming soon) will be given an access code to sign up and will be paired up with a set of students in which to leave comments.
    • The public has the ability to leave comments but all comments will have to go through moderation via the classroom teachers for approval before being visible on a post.  This is nice for those occasional times where a grandparent or someone might want to comment but they are not a digital volunteer.  It will also be helpful when we want guest speakers to be able to comment to our students’ thoughts.

The following information will take you through the process of adding your email(s) so that you can easily access your child’s blog!  This will be especially helpful when they continue blogging in 4th, 5th and middle school, as you will still be able to view ALL of their posts/comments, including those from previous years.  

Step 1:  Student logs in to their Kidblog account  (your child has this link on his/her iPad Homescreen and it is their standard logon information, which they know – please send an email if your child needs login assistance)

Step 2:  Go to the dropdown in the top right corner (next to student’s name) and choose, “Dashboard.”

Step 3:  Click on, “Invite Parent

Step 4:  Enter Parent Email (repeat steps for as many emails as you’d like)

Step 5;  You will receive an email like the example below.  Click on the embedded link to accept the invitation.

Step 6:  Once you (the parent) selects the link in your email you will be prompted to create a new account.  You should then see the following message:

Step 7:  Now that you are logged in, click on your child’s portfolio link and you will see your child’s work. *Students will continue their KidBlog account thru 4th, 5th and most likely middle school

Step 8:  Consider bookmarking your child’s link!  Their posts are absolutely addicting to read!


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