Digital Volunteers – Step 2: Comment Buddies and Commenting Q/A

 Comment Buddies

Q) What are Comment Buddies?                                                                                         

A)  Comment Buddies are an organizational structure to help DV (digital volunteers) know which students to provide comments for.  The main goal is to “divide and conquer” to make sure all students receive comments while trying not to overwhelm DV by having to respond to too many posts.  Another goal is to build relationships over time by using the same Comment Buddies for a semester.

Q)  Which students will be in my first group of Comment Buddies for the first semester?        

A)  Comment Buddy Assignments

Q)  Will I have the same Comment Buddies all year?  Or will they change?

We will change at the end of 2nd quarter.

Q)  Will I ever get to meet my Comment Buddies?

We are hoping to arrange a time where you could come in and meet your Comment Buddy students.  Our current thought is trying to set it up right before the Fall Party when we know a lot of parents will already be coming to school.  If you have other ideas, we would love to hear them!

Q)  Will there be more than one DV assigned to each Comment Buddy group?

A)  Yes.  As of now, we have approx. 2 DV per each group of 5 students.  As we hopefully get more DV we will be able to add another DV to each group.

Q)  Will I need to leave a comment for each of my Comment Buddies, every time?

A)  Ideally, yes.  However since there is more than one DV for each group, the main goal is for each student to get a minimum of one comment.

Q)  What if I don’t have time to leave a comment for each of my Comment Buddies?

A)  It is ok!  We know that there will be times that don’t allow for you to leave a comment to each student.  This is when it is helpful to have an additional DV in each group so that between both of you each student will still get one comment.

Q) Can I leave comments on my own child’s posts, even if they are not in my Comment Buddy group?

A)  Absolutely!  We tried our best to match you up with your child if you are a DV, however we weren’t always sure as there isn’t a way this year for us to match you up without an avatar image and/or last name when you signed up.

Q) What do I do if I notice one of my Comment Buddies doesn’t have a post?

A)  The teachers track this so you will not need to do anything.

Q)  Will my Comment Buddies read my comment?  Will they take my advice and make their writing better?

A)  Yes!  We will build in time for students to not only read your comments but to utilize your advice to revise their writing to make it better.  We will also have students reply to your comments with a minimum of thanking you for your compliments and suggestions.

Q)  Is there a way for me to get a notification (i.e. email) when one of my Comment Buddies makes a post or responds to one of my comments?

A)  No, not at this time.  We have conveyed this wish to KidBlog and hope that it is a feature they are able to add in the future.


Q) How will I know when to leave a comment?

A)  Focused Weekly Commenting vs. Free Commenting

Focused Weekly Commenting – Each Friday you will receive a post with specific commenting information.  Ideally, we would love for you to have a comment posted for each of your Comment Buddy students by the following Thursday evening.

Free Commenting – Please feel free to comment on any posts, whenever you’d like!

Q) How will I know what to look for when providing feedback within my comment?

A)  We will give you this information each Friday via a blog post from this classroom blog, “The Fab Fifty.”  We will include specific look-fors that match what we have been working on in class.  We will give sentence starters as ideas but please do not feel obligated to utilize them.  

Q)  When I leave a comment, will it automatically show up or do the teachers have to approve it before it is visible?

A)  Because you are a DV (considered a “Guest” in KidBlog), your comments will automatically appear.  Only those comments given by a person that is not registered as a guest will require the teachers to approve it before it appears.  This is nice because it allows ALL parents/grandparents etc. to leave comments even if they are not a DV.

Q)  Where can I find ALL DV information?

Go to site (linked on image below)                                       

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 9.03.43 AM

Click on…”Log In” top right corner

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 9.05.25 AM

DO NOT try to find your name.  Instead, choose, “Login with email.”

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 9.05.32 AM

Log In with your email.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 9.05.38 AM

You will now have access to leave comments but will also notice links on the right hand side that will take you to all previous and current DV information (“Digital Volunteers”  “Comment Buddies” etc.).

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 9.12.13 AM

You can scroll or search by name to find your Comment Buddy blog posts.  

You can also search by Categories and/or Tags.  Just be careful, as sometimes students forget or misspell the category/tag info. so their posts might not appear.  

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 9.12.23 AM


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