Housekeeping, Sept. 28th

IMPORTANT INFO. for TOMORROW (Tue. Sept. 29th)

OLSAT Testing                                                                                                                        9:30-10:30 am

All School Picture Day                                                                                                       Please wear your EPiC spirit wear or a royal blue shirt.

October Volunteer Calendar                                                                                    

If available, please consider signing up HERE to come in and work with students and/or complete other tasks.  Your help is greatly appreciated!

Fall Showcase (previously known as, “Exhibit Night”)                                                     

Date:  Oct. 13th (details coming soon)

Requests:  If you are interested in donating supplies for Exhibit Night, please click HERE to sign up.  Thank you!


Thank you for checking over your child’s work with him/her before signing it and returning it to school by each Friday.  We have also noticed many of you using the weekly planning calendar at the top of their homework to help them map out their week to ensure that homework gets done, even with busy schedules!  We greatly appreciate it and hope that it is just enough to give your child some practice as well as give you a small glimpse at current learning goals and a feel for how your child is progressing.



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4th grade teacher in MO
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