Digital Volunteers: Focused Commenting #2 (Oct. 2nd-8th)


If you have a “Guest” account (meaning you have successfully logged in as a DV), please remember to log in before leaving your comments.  This allows your comments to show immediately vs. having to go through approval from us before they show.

If you are not a DV (or are having issues logging in), please feel free to leave comments using the information below and we will make sure to approve them quickly.  The students love not only getting comments from their DV, but also from grandparents or other people they may know!

This Week’s Commenting Time Frame

Please leave comments for your Comment Buddies between Friday, Oct. 2nd and the evening of Thursday, Oct. 8th.  The earlier the better, as students get pretty excited to check for comments when they return to school on each Monday.  However, we understand that weekends can be busy so please do what works best for your family’s schedule.

We will make sure to build in time for students to read your comments next week, make changes to their post (based on your suggestions), and reply to your comment.

This Week’s Blog Post to Comment On:

Post from Friday, Oct. 2nd.  (topic – Water Walk)

*NOTE:  If you have additional time and would like to leave more comments, they wrote thank you posts to our school superintendent, Dr. Tucker, thanking him for coming in and sharing about his experiences of growing up in Africa.

 This Week’s Focus Points:

  1.  Title:  Writing a “catchy title” to grab the reader’s attention while using correct capitalization.
  2. Paragraph Structure:  Having a main idea and supporting details that help you know the topic as well as understand what they are trying to share.
  3. Using the blogging platform to inspire others to help people who need access to clean water.  If you could include a little positive note about how they have a voice for making change that would mean a lot to them.

*NOTE:  They will add a Header Image on Monday once we get the pictures posted of our Water Walk today.

 Commenting Guidelines:

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 9.28.56 AM



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