Studio 3 Weekly Update (Nov. 15, 2015)


 Featured News  (1. 2.)

1.  Landfill Field Trip

2.  Music Performance

A big thank you to our wonderful Music teacher, Mrs. Ross, for putting together an incredible performance last week.  We hope you enjoyed watching them as much as we did!  Great job to all of the students!



Comes home Monday, Nov. 16 / Due Friday, Nov. 20.

Homework Video Tutorials:  We are trying to include video tutorials (for math in particular) so that it might assist you in helping your child with homework, as we know that often the way we learned as kids and the way they learn math now can feel quite different!

You will find the following video on your child’s homework paper in the form of a qr code, in which they can use their “Scan” app to access.

Tutorial:  Finding the Missing Side Length when you Know the Perimeter


Individualized Learning Plans:  Over the past 2 weeks, your child has been given a more individualized learning plan for reading.  Basically, each weekend, we are looking closely at each student’s data within all of the different adaptive programs (i-Ready Reading, Lexia, Study Island, Raz-Kids, & Spelling City) and then making a very specific instructional plan for your child’s week.  So far, students have seemed to really enjoy this more refined approach.  The level of accountability, motivation, engagement, and ownership of learning is pretty amazing to witness!

ELA Individualized Learning Plan Blank Document *Your child will begin bringing home his/her weekly plan once completed and checked.


Goal:  I can find the area of a figure.

Individualized Learning Plans:  On Monday we will switch over to a more individualized learning plan for each student in math.  Similar to ELA, students have already been learning at their own level and pace via our various adaptive programs (i-Ready Math, FrontRow, Dreambox, & Study Island).  We are simply making it even more specific for your child each week by looking at their specific data each weekend to make adjustments on what your child needs!  

Math Individualized Learning Plan Blank Document *Your child will begin bringing home his/her weekly plan once completed and checked.

Math Fact Fluency

33/50 students have already moved on to multiplication and division!  Of those 33, 2 have already passed multiplication and division!

Of the 27 students that are currently working to pass addition and subtraction (by Thanksgiving Break), 21 students are at 85%-99%, with the goal being 100% mastery by Nov. 24th.

Reminder:  ALL students will be switched over to multiplication/division (0-12’s) on Nov. 25th, regardless of whether they reached 100% mastery of addition/subtraction.

  Read Aloud

We are continuing to enjoy the book, “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio, after lunch each day!

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 9.30.57 AM

 November Volunteer Calendar


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