Studio 3 Weekly Update (Nov. 22, 2015)

 Featured News:  PBL:  Eco-Friendly EPiC

Students discovered that 60-80% of trash that gets dumped in a landfill could actually have been recycled!  They created informational texts using their Book Creator app. to show their learning.  The fourth grade students helped them edit.  We began having them focus on copyright and how to give credit and use things respectfully, responsibly, and legally.

Please ask your child to see his/her book!  It is in their Book Creator app. as well as uploaded to a blog post.  In the next weeks, they will be sharing these books with the EPiC community to start raising awareness for a need to recycle more.  They will then lead the charge to improve recycling at EPiC!

If you have any resources, suggestions, etc. that might help with our recycling piece, please send us an email!

EPiC in the News

Click on the image to download EPiC’s newly published iBook!

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 5.02.57 PM

Holiday Challenge!

Due to a short week and a holiday break, we will NOT have our typical weekly homework. Instead, your child will bring home a Thanksgiving Challenge paper on Monday.  The challenges are all optional, thus there is no required homework over the break.  

We hope you are all able to enjoy time with family!


Goal:  I can use the homophones (to, too, two) correctly when writing.

Individualized Learning Plans:  We are continuing to fine-tune the weekly ELA Individualized Learning Plan and are happy with how it has been going thus far. Basically, each weekend, we are looking closely at each student’s data within all of the different adaptive programs (i-Ready Reading, Lexia, Study Island, Raz-Kids, & Spelling City) and then making a very specific instructional plan for your child’s week.  The level of accountability, motivation, engagement, and ownership of learning is pretty amazing to witness!

In December, your child will bring home his/her ELA and Math plan each Friday.  You will notice a box at the bottom of each sheet that will let you know if they have any homework (basically any work they did not complete during the week) or if they completed all of their work.  More info. to come!


Goals:  I can find the area of a figure.  I can find the perimeter of a figure.

Individualized Learning Plans:  same as ELA

Math Fact Fluency

In hopes that the class will reach their goal of having 47/50 students at 100% with addition/subtraction, we are extending their time to achieve this goal.  They will now have all of break to work on earning green lights to pass add/sub.

ALL students who are not already on mult./div. will be switched over to mult./div. (0-12’s) when we return from break.

We are so impressed with how far students have come with their fact fluency.  It makes it so much easier for them to tackle the learning goals when they have their facts memorized and don’t get stuck on a problem because they have to stop and figure out a basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division fact.  Thank you for your help and support with this at home.  We know we have a lot of you that are really making this a point for your child at home, and it is showing!

  Read Aloud

We are continuing to enjoy the book, “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio, after lunch each day!

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 9.30.57 AM

December Volunteer Calendar


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