Studio 3 Weekly Update (Dec. 6, 2015)

Featured News:  EPiC in the News

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Click the image below to learn more about P21.   

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PBL:  Narrative Writing

Driving Question:  How can I tell MY story?

*All narrative pieces are published to each student’s blog.

Blog Views = 24, 484


  1. I can write a small moment story.
  2. I can write a good lead (beginning) that will grab the reader’s attention and make them want to read my story.
  3. I can use both simple and compound sentences.
  4. I can use the “Think Out Loud” strategy to help “show”, and not just “tell”, my story. i.e. Telling = I was so sad.   vs.    Showing =  I remember thinking to myself, “Will I ever feel happy again?”

Narrative Storytelling Premiere!  Mark Your Calendar!

When?  Friday, Dec. 18th;  1:30-2:00     *The Winter Party will follow from 2:00-2:30.

Where?  Studio 3

Why?  Students will be celebrating the end of our narrative unit by showcasing 1 of their narratives.  They will have a lot of drafts and will be asked to pick their favorite and then we will make it the very best it can be before sharing on this date!

 ELA:  Simple and Compound Sentences


  1.  I can identify and write simple and compound sentences.

2.  I can fix run-on sentences by using either two simple sentences or by using a conjunction to make a compound sentence.

Individualized Learning Plans:  Each day, after a short lesson and interactive practice (on that day’s skill/goal), each child works on his/her individualized plan.  Each plan is designed specifically for each student, based on data and need.  These will begin coming home this Friday so that you can see what your child completed during the week.

NOTE:   If your child needs to do complete any unfinished work from the week, we will notify you via email after school on Friday.  

 Math:  Fractions on a Number Line

Please view the short video below, showing our learning with fractions!


  1.  I can identify the numerator and denominator and can explain the meaning of each (denominator = “down” number that represents the total number of equal pieces; numerator = “north” represents the amount out of the total equal pieces you have).

2.   I can use a number line to write the fraction or mixed number represented.

Fractions on a Number Line Tutorial

*You will find this video on the Homework as well.

Individualized Learning Plans:  same as ELA

Math Fact Fluency:  Last 2 Weeks for +/-

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  Read Aloud

We are continuing to enjoy the book, “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio, after lunch each day!

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Click on the image below to view/print an extra copy of this week’s homework.  

As always, a copy of this homework will come home on Monday, Dec. 7th.

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 December Volunteer Calendar

EPiC Elementary:  An Apple Distinguished School

Click on the image to download EPiC’s newly published iBook!

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