Digital Volunteer Commenting Assignment (Jan.16-Jan.21)

This Week’s Commenting Time Frame

Please leave comments for your Comment Buddies between Saturday, January 16th and the evening of Thursday, January 21st.  

This Week’s Blog Post to Provide Comment

Please provide comments to any of your Comment Buddies’ posts categorized, PBL:  Civil Rights (can also look for the tag, mlk).

 This Week’s Focus Points:  Informative Writing

When leaving a comment, please do not feel that you need to address each of the focus points below.  One idea would be to compliment a couple of the points they did well, then provide ideas to make another focus point, or two, better.

  1. I can use headings to organize my paragraphs.  They are bold and capitalized.
  2. I can write a paragraph with a main idea, details, and a closing.
  3. I can use contractions correctly.
  4. Image Credit:  You will hopefully notice that students are working to make sure to give credit to images.  Please feel free to compliment them on this if you see it or give them a reminder if it is missing.

Document students used while peer revising/editing

DV Resources

Commenting Buddy List

DV Commenting Assignments 

Commenting Guidelines (below)

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 9.28.56 AM


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