Digital Volunteer Week Off (Jan. 24th-30th)

Thank you for all of your time!  We continue to be so impressed with all of the comments!

We are working hard to make sure we build in time for students to read your comments each week, make changes to their post, then respond to your comment.

Although there are no assigned comments this week, if you have time and would like to check in later in the week (Wed. 27th or later), you should notice replies to your previous comments from last week!  

Please know that we are trying to find a way to get KidBlog to recognize the need for having notifications.  Ideally, wouldn’t it be great for you to get an email notifying you whenever one of your Comment Buddies posts and vice versa!?  

DV Resources

Commenting Buddy List

DV Commenting Assignments 

Commenting Guidelines (below)

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 9.28.56 AM


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4th grade teacher in MO
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