Digital Volunteer LAST Commenting Assignment (Saturday, June 11 – Thursday, June 16)

Dear Digital Volunteers,

On behalf of Dawn and myself, thank you so very much for your work this year.  We could NEVER do this without you.  Each week, we were so impressed by the amount of time, attention, and care that went into each of your comments.  Please know that your feedback was critical to the improvement and success of each student this year!  We know that the hours you spent over the year far exceed the required hours, and for that we are extremely grateful!


Kellie and Dawn

This Week’s Commenting Time Frame

Please leave comments for your Comment Buddies between Friday, June 10th and Thursday, June 16th.  

This Week’s Blog Post to Provide Comment

Category:  “Thank You

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DV Resources

Commenting Buddy List

DV Commenting Assignments 

Commenting Guidelines (below)

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