Weekly Update (Sunday, Aug. 21, 2016)

Housekeeping Information

  1. Water bottles and snacks are both encouraged daily.
  2. Homework will start the first full week of Sept.
  3. Wish List:  Spare headphones, Colored Pencils (we really just need the red, green, and yellow pencils)
  4. Parent Info. Night:  Thank you for attending!  If you were unable, here is the slideshow we used.  Please don’t hesitate to email with questions.

Instruction and Learning

PBL (Project Based Learning):  Global Water Crisis

  • Accessing clean water is easy and plentiful for us.
  • We use a lot of water.
  • Mary Mallon (“Typhoid Mary”) was an original carrier of Typhoid and spread the contagious disease.
  • We completed an experiment to show how waterborne illnesses contaminate the water and cause the illness to spread quickly.  We used the scientific method.
  • Students researched a waterborne illness that can be found within dirty water in certain locations in Africa and other Third World countries.

*This week we will get more into the actual Global Water Crisis.

Quiz-Quiz-Trade for PBL Vocabulary Terms

Quiz-Quiz-Trade for PBL Vocabulary Terms

Waterborne Illness Contamination Experiment

Waterborne Illness Contamination Experiment

Scientific Method:

Scientific Method: 1. Problem or Wonder 2. What I already know + Research 3. Hypothesis 4. Experiment 5. Results 6. Conclusion 

ELA (English Language Arts)  

Goal #1:  I can write a paragraph with a main idea, details, and a closing.

Learning #1:  Students created a storyboard and their first paper blog post about Typhoid Mary.  Later, they turned it into their first blog post (only published to their classmates at this point).  You can ask them to login though and see their blog!

Goal #2:  As a researcher, I can use keywords to help me find the information I need.

Learning #2:  Students used a link on our website to research 1 of 4 waterborne illnesses. They recorded their notes and shared out to find that all 4 illnesses have certain things in common.


Using sketches and words to create a Storyboard for Typhoid Mary


Goal #1:  I can add and subtract up to 3 digit numbers, with and without regrouping.

Learning #1:  Students have used the cooperative learning structure, Rally Coach to practice with either their shoulder or face partner.  They have also had Solo (on their own) work time.  This week we will continue with subtraction that requires regrouping when zeros are in the ones and/or tens place.


RallyCoach Partner A: Solves out loud Partner B: Coaches, then switch roles each time


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