Weekly Update (Sunday, Sept. 25, 2016)

Must Know Info.

  1. Homework:  Home on Mon., Sept. 26th & due no later than Friday, Sept. 30th (electronic copy)
  2. Mid-Continent Library Form for OverDrive App.:  Form home on Mon., Sept. 26th & due no later than Friday, Sept. 30th.
  3. Digital Volunteers:  Thank you so much to those that are ready to take on round #1 of DV.  You will receive an email this coming weekend with detailed information!
  4. Materials Request for Art:  Next week 3rd grade students will begin making paper beads in Art class and we need your help.  We are in NEED paper!  I’m thinking patterned paper, card stock, wallpaper, etc. that would make an interesting set of beads.  This is what we’ll be creating, so please try to choose patterns/colors that will work.   Thank you, Mrs. McCullough 


  5. Classroom Materials Request:  Bottled water (for Oct. Showcase Night – tap vs. bottled water taste test), green/yellow/red colored pencils
  6. September Classroom Volunteering:  Sign Up HERE
  7. October Classroom Volunteering:  Sign Up HERE
  8. Important Dates:  Click HERE    NOTE:  OLSAT Testing is this Thursday.

Instruction and Learning

KidBlog Recent Post(s):  Building a Water Filter

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 PBL:  Tap vs. Bottled Water

NOTE:  Valicor Field Trip:  Pics and Video coming in next week’s post!

Before researching, vote on which you think is better

Before researching, vote on which you think is better

Researching and taking notes of pros and cons of tap and bottled water

Researching and taking notes of pros and cons of tap and bottled water

ELA:  Complete vs. Incomplete Sentences

Ask your child how these can be broken into 2 groups that go together.



Math:  Word Problems

Video Clip Description:  Shoulder Partners used the cooperative learning structure, Sage and Scribe to practice strategies for solving addition and subtraction word problems.

Sage:  Orally tells partner (scribe) how to solve each step.

Scribe:  Writes only what the sage says, but only if there is consensus.  If the Scribe disagrees, they must try to figure it out and if they need help they both raise their hands for a “team question,” in which a teacher will then provide support.

This week in math, we will begin the conceptual understanding of multiplication!  We will begin by understanding and connecting to the fact that multiplication is simply repeated addition.  We will then utilize manipulatives to build arrays.

A Note About Reflex:  We will not yet be moving any students to multiplication/division in Reflex.  After a few weeks and a solid understanding of the “why” behind multiplication and division we will then move students along in Reflex that have already completed addition/subtraction.

We are also starting a new and exciting online adaptive math tool this week called, Think Thru Math!  

Traveling Interactive Pop-Up:  Captain Underpants!

A big thank you to our wonderful art and music teachers, Dana Ross and Melissa McCullough for designing great lessons for the Captain Underpants Interactive Exhibit that was at EPiC all of last week!  In addition, thank you to LPS Director of Fine Arts, Mr. Aaron Money for bringing this opportunity to all elementary LPS students!

Creating their own comic strips and flip-o-rama books

Creating their own comic strips and flip-o-rama books


Writing letters to author, Dav Pilkey

Writing letters to author, Dav Pilkey



Daily Read-Aloud

We will finish this book this week!




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