Digital Volunteer Commenting Assignment #1 (Fri. Sept. 30-Thur. Oct.6)

Apologies, as this first DV post is a lot more lengthy than a typical post!

Dear Round #1 Digital Volunteers,

Welcome and thank you!  We hope you find these next couple of months to be not only impactful for our learners, but also something you enjoy and look forward to!

Each weekend (will try to get it sent by Friday), you will receive a post just like this.  You’ll notice the same format each week.

Again, we cannot thank you enough for your willingness to help our students not only become better writers, but understand that their voice matters and what they have to say is important enough that others will read their posts and leave comments!


Kellie and Dawn

This Week’s Commenting Time Frame

Please leave comments for your Comment Buddies between Friday, Sept. 30th and Thur. night Oct. 6th.  We will make it a point to have students read and respond to comments on Friday the 7th.

General Getting Started Info.

Digital Citizenship:  Students are aware they are to only use their first name (a few have a bit more due to same first names).  Also, please steer away from asking personal questions that would elicit any information in regards to where the live, when their birthday is, etc.

What if one of my Comment Buddies is missing a post?  No worries!  Just move on to the others on your list.  We track that info. but if it becomes a situation where the same student is missing posts over an extended period of time, please feel free to send us an email!

Hard Copies of the Comment Buddy List and Commenting Guidelines came home with your child tonight.  Some DV’s last year found it helpful to have this handy when leaving comments.  You can find it electronically below as well!

This Week’s Blog Post to Provide Comment

Category:  “PBL: Water”  Tap vs. Bottled Water Opinion Post

NOTE:  Some people find is easiest and fastest to go to their Comment Buddy’s blog, then look for the particular post.  Simply use the search box and type the student’s name to navigate to their blog.  Then search for the specific post (Tap vs. Bottled – their title may be a bit different).


This Week’s Comment “Look-for’s” 

Look-for’s will be based on what we have been working on in class.  This specific feedback will provide students with not only encouragement and praise but also with things to think about to improve their post!  You will notice a “Commenting Guidelines” format below.  This is what we use to guide students when they leave comments for one another.  We encourage you to use this format as well, but of course welcome your own touches and judgement of what different students and different posts may need!

Paragraph #1 (just for this first comment):  Please feel free to introduce yourself!  Share a few things about yourself that will help your buddy get to know you a bit!  Time Saver Tip:  Copy and paste same intro. paragraph into each comment.

Look-for #1:  Title -Is the title catchy?  Does it use capitals correctly?  Is it a title or a complete sentence?  Does it include important words about the big idea of the post?

Look-for #2:  Complete Sentences with Transition Words


Example student post

Example student post

Example DV Comment

*using Look-For’s and Comment Guidelines below

Dear Isaiah,

Hello, Isaiah!  My name is __________ and I am thrilled to be one of your Digital Volunteers.  For a living I ________________________.  In my spare time I love to ____________________.  I am excited to read your posts.  I have a feeling I am going to learn a lot from you!  I also hope that I will be able to give you some ideas to make your writing even better.

(thank, connect, question) Thank you for sharing this information.  I actually had never thought about which is better, but now you have me thinking!  Do you find that you are paying more attention now to what you choose to drink, tab or bottled?

(look-for: title) As soon as I saw your title I knew I just had to read your post!  I notice your title was short, included important words, and you used capitals correctly.  Nice job!

(look-for: complete sentences w/transition words)  I have a tip for you about using transition words.  In your second sentence you may want it to look like this, “One reason,” instead of a comma after “One”.  The same idea might help it make more sense to the reader in your last sentence where you say, “As, you can see.”  You may want it to say, “As you can see,”

Your Comment Buddy,


DV Resources

Commenting Buddy List

Commenting Guidelines

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