Digital Volunteering Commenting Assignment #4 (Nov. 3-13)

This Week’s Commenting Time Frame

Please leave comments for your Comment Buddies between Thursday, Nov. 3rd and Sunday, Nov. 13th.

This Week’s Blog Post to Provide Comment

Click on image to visit student blogs

Click on image to visit blogs

Category:  “PBL:  Civics”

Post:  Three Branches of Government  (Look for posted date of Nov. 3rd.)

Post Background:  This post has a short intro., but the main part of the post is an uploaded book they made using the app, Book Creator.

This Week’s Comment “Look-for’s” 

Note:  In addition to leaving compliments on look-for’s (or other things you notice), please make to leave each student with 2 or more tips to improve their writing.  You can always ask a question or two as well if there is a part they may need to elaborate on a bit.  Thank you!

Look-for #1:  Capitals  (title and headings especially)

Look-for #2:  Content – For each branch, they show an understanding of… Who works in that particular branch? What is their main job?

Look-for #3:  Design (a few options below):

Colors:  Background colors are consistent and not distracting.  Font colors are easy to read and consistent.

Headings:  Headings are easy to find because they are larger size and bold

Text:  Text size is consistent on each page.  The font is consistent and easy to read (not distracting)

Image:  Image matches the pages’ heading/content and has credit given in smaller sized text.  The image is placed is a good spot on the page.

DV Resources

Commenting Buddy List

Commenting Guidelines

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