Weekly Update (Friday, Nov. 18, 2016)

Must Know Info.

  1. NO HOMEWORK due to upcoming short week
  2. November Classroom Volunteering
  3. Important FUTURE Dates
  4. Dec. 8th Field Trip to Veterans Village (VCP- Veterans Community Project):  We are still waiting to hear back in regards to whether they are open to us having as many parents/family members meeting us there that would like to attend.  We will have an answer for you next week, hopefully early in the week, in the form of an email so that you can plan accordingly.  IF they do say yes, the plan would be to meet us there around 9:30, or follow the bus, if you’d like to attend.  We would leave as early as 9:00 and as late as 9:15 from EPiC’s main parking lot.  We will be back to school in time for a regular lunch at 11:10am.  Address and info. HERE.
  5. Nov.28-Dec.22nd:  Canned food drive begins!

Upcoming Week:  Nov. 21-22

Mon. 21st – 

Tue. 22nd – Picture Re-Take Day, Canned food drive begins

Wed.-Fri. – No School (Thanksgiving Break)

Student Blogs

An Amazing Musical!

A special shout-out to Mrs. Dana Ross, our incredible EPiC Music Specialist!  She pulled off an incredible musical that showcased the talents and passions of each student!

Video and more pics coming soon!





PBL:  Our History and Freedom


Westward Expansion:  Lewis and Clark

Ask your child, "What was the Louisiana Purchase? What was the the expedition like for Lewis and Clark and their crew?"

Ask your child, “What was the Louisiana Purchase? What was the the expedition like for Lewis and Clark and their crew?”

A Special Visit:  Liberty Council Member, Mr. Harold Phillips, Visits Studio 3!

Click on image to visit Liberty's City Council Website

Click on image to visit Liberty’s City Council Website


In case you missed this video from last week, please enjoy!

Click HERE for same video as above but without music.

To learn more about VCP (Veterans Community Project),

please visit their website.


ELA:  Homophones

Goal:  I can use the following homophones correctly in my writing:

there/they’re/their         to/two/too       your/you’re

Math:  Area

Goal:  I can use two methods to find the area (inside measurement) of an object.


Daily Read-Aloud


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