Weekly Update (Fri. Dec. 2, 2016)

Must Know Info.

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  1. Homework for week of Dec. 5 (link coming soon)
  2. December Classroom Volunteering
  3. Dec. 8th Field Trip to Veterans Village (Please sign up if you plan to attend.)
  4. Dec. 16th Winter Party:  2-2:30pm (NOT on Thur. 15th as previously sent out)
  5. Dec. 21st Narrative Writing Premiere:  2:00-2:30pm    *We will have a sign-out sheet if you would like to take your child home at 2:30.  There will be no attendance docked (think as if it were the end of a school party).  You will be able to grab siblings as well. 
  6. Book Fair:  Dec. 5-9 (times below) *Can order online as well.

Upcoming Week:  Dec. 5-9

Mon. 5 – Homework comes home, Book Fair 8-8:30am + 2:30-5:30pm

Tue. 6 – Book Fair 8-8:30am + 2:30-5:30pm

Wed. 7  – Book Fair 8-8:30am + 2:30-5:30pm

Thur. 8  – Field Trip (see info. above), Chili’s Night, Book Fair LAST CHANCE 8-8:30 am only

Fri. 9 – Homework due

Student Blogs

You will definitely enjoy reading your child’s personal narrative small moment stories! Feel free to leave comments.  We will approve them within 24 hours.

PBL:  Narrative Writing

What we've learned and practice thus far

What we’ve learned and practice thus far

Ask your child, "What is this strategy and have you used it?"

Ask your child, “What is this strategy and have you used it?”


Learning to use quotation marks and speech tags correctly in narratives

 ELA:  Idioms and Similes

Idioms:  example – On top of the world

Simile:  example – as big as a whale

Math:  Fractions

Ask your child!

Ask your child!

Daily Read-Aloud


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