Weekly Update (Fri., Jan. 13, 2016)

Must Know Info.

  1. Props for Conflict Resolution Plays:  Friday, January 13th, your child brought home a slip of paper that explains the request for certain props (decided by their team) that need to come in on Tuesday so they can practice their play for a few days with their props.  You’ll notice there is a spot to note if you need for us to get something on your child’s list.  We’d be happy to help!
  2. January Classroom Volunteering
  3. Digital Volunteers Round II:  Sign-up Open until noon on Monday, January 16th. A big thank you to our current 6 volunteers and a BIG request and plead for more!
    1. General Info. – Our goal this round is to limit DV commenting to once per month, meaning you’d be asked to give a comment to 5 students (including your own child) one time each month.
    2. If you served as a DV the first round, thank you!  We appreciate your time and your quality comments.  We really hope you choose to continue for Round II.  If so, please go ahead and sign up.  Thank you!
    3.   If you are thinking you’d like to try it out, this would be a great time to sign up.  We are definitely in need of more volunteers.  Thank you for considering.
  4. Upcoming Field Trips:  These three particular trips will be chaperoned by the classroom teachers along with one to two other staff members.  We apologize, but hope to have more parent opportunities later in the year. 
  5. screen-shot-2017-01-11-at-6-53-08-pm

    Reference Chart for Upcoming Field Trips

  6. Valentine Party Sign-Up : (more info. to come as the time nears)
  7. Homework:  electronic link
  8. Upcoming Week:  January 16-20

Mon. 16th –  No School

Tue. 17th – Students bring any props in (explanation sheet in their folder came home on Friday), Homework comes home, Return Field Trip forms (if you haven’t already)

Wed. 18th

Thur. 19th – Field Trip to ECC, Planet Sub Night

Fri. 20th  – Homework Due

Monthly Announcements from Studio 1

Student Blogs:  


Your child’s most recent post is a thank you letter to Becky, our special guest last Wednesday. Becky is Mrs. Shannon’s aunt.  She was born deaf and came with her mother (who translated) to share about her life experiences.  The students learned about discrimination as well as empathy.  It is one of the best days of the year!

Special guests, "Aunt Becky" and "Grannie" (Mrs. Shannon's family), share about experiences of growing up and living as a deaf person.

Using the cooperative learning structure, "Talking Chips" to share learnings and take-aways from Becky's visit.

Using the cooperative learning structure, “Talking Chips” to share learnings and take-aways from Becky’s visit.

PBL:  Conflict Resolution – Becoming a Playwright


Table teams developed their storyboards for their play. Next, teams will use their storyboard to write the actual script.

 ELA:  Contractions

Examples of contractions being practiced.

Examples of contractions being practiced.

Math:  Elapsed Time

Ask your child, "Explain this strategy to me."

Ask your child, “Explain this strategy to me.”


Reflex Math Facts App.

ALL students have been moved to multiplication/division, regardless of whether they mastered addition/subtraction.

Daily Read-Aloud:  




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