Round 2: Digital Volunteering Commenting Assignment #1 (Fri. Jan. 27th-Wed. Feb. 1st)


This Week’s Commenting Time Frame

Please leave comments for your Comment Buddies between Friday, Jan. 27th and the night of Wednesday, Feb. 1st.  

We are going to try to schedule time on Thursday, Feb. 2nd for students to read, make fixes based on your comments, and then leave you a reply.

This Week’s Blog Post to Provide Comment

Post:  Thank You ECC (Early Childhood Center)  *titles may vary   

Click on image to visit student blogs

Click on image to visit blogs

This Week’s Comment “Look-for’s” 

Look-for #1:  Greeting  (ie.  Dear ECC,)

Look-for #2:  Body  (Complete Sentences with correct capitals and punctuation)

Look-for #3:  Closing (i.e.  Thank You,)

Look-for #4:  Signature

NOTE:  Please make sure to leave 2 or 3 specific suggestions for improvement, even if it is something other than what is posted above as a “look for.”  This really helps when we have them go and read your comments, make changes, then reply to you.  Also, do not feel that you need to address each “Look-for.”  Thank you!

NOTE:  If you are new to being a DV, one of the best ways to get a feel for it is to visit a student’s blog and read various posts and comments.  You can use the link above.

REMINDER:  You will NOT login.  Simply leave the comment and in less than 24 hours it will be approved and will be visible to the student(s).

FIRST COMMENT TIP:  Please feel free to include a little introduction in your first post!  However, we ask that you do not ask students any personal questions (i.e  “What neighborhood do you live in?”) or use their last name.

MISSING POST?  If you notice a student within your commenting group does not have a post, feel free to send us an email.  Usually it means they were either absent or forgot to publish it “Public” so that is is visible.

DV Resources

NOTE:  On Friday, Jan. 27th, your child brought home a hard copy of the list below as well as the guidelines.  Some DV’s like to hang these on the fridge or keep them in their workspace.

Commenting Buddy List  (Round #2)

***Commenting Guidelines

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 9.28.56 AM


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