Weekly Update (Fri. Jan. 27, 2017)

Must Know Info.

  1. January Classroom Volunteering
  2. February Classroom Volunteering
  3. Upcoming Field Trip Information (We have ALL permission forms. Thank you!)  screen-shot-2017-01-20-at-7-03-49-pm
  4. Valentine Party Sign-Up + Valentine’s Class List 
  5. Homework:  electronic link
  6. Upcoming Week:  Jan. 30th – Feb. 3rd

Mon. – Homework comes home, HR #1 Library

Tue.  –  J&S Pizza Night

Wed.  – 

Thur.  – 

Fri.   – Homework Due, HR #2 Library

PBL:  The American Civil War

View each slide with your child.  Ask him/her to tell you some interesting facts about each slide.

Student Blogs

The most recent post is a thank you letter to the Early Childhood Center for allowing us to perform our plays for their students.

This coming week, students will be uploading their Book Creator book about The American Civil War.

 ELA:   Nonfiction Writing

Ask your child to show you his/her Book Creator book about The Civil War!

Ask your child to show you his/her Book Creator book about The Civil War! On Monday, we will spend time revising and editing, before uploading to KidBlog.


Math:   Metric Measurement


Students have learned the following about the Metric system… MASS/WEIGHT: gram = about 1 paperclip kilogram = about 1 baseball bat LIQUID VOLUME: milliliter = about 20 drops liter = water bottle DISTANCE: cm = about the length of a pencil’s eraser m= about the length of a baseball bat km= closer to a mile (longer lengths)

Reflex Math Facts:  Multiplication and Division

Daily Read-Aloud

Click on the image to purchase

Click on the image to purchase


About EPiC Studio 3 Learning

Mrs. Konrad and Mrs. Shannon team teach 50 third grade students. EPiC provides a non-traditional environment which utilizes project based learning, individualized learning, and personalized learning.
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