Round 2: Digital Volunteering Commenting Assignment #2 (Fri. Feb. 10th – Wed. Feb. 15th)

This Week’s Commenting Time Frame

Please leave comments for your Comment Buddies between Friday, Feb. 10th and Wednesday, Feb. 15th.

We are going to try to schedule time on Thursday, Feb. 16th for students to read, make fixes based on your comments, and then leave you a reply.

This Week’s Blog Post to Provide Comment

Post:  Thank You and Reflection of Learning to Oliver Anderson House

*titles may vary   

Click on image to visit student blogs

Click on image to visit blogs

This Week’s Comment “Look-for’s” 

Look-for #1:  Contains all parts of a letter (Greeting, Body, Closing, Signature), with correct use of capitals, commas, and spacing (example:  a greeting gets a line all to itself).

Look-for #2:   Transition Words – We are trying to get students to understand that there are times it is ok to use words like, “First,”  “Second,”  “Third,”   “Then,”   “Finally,”  but that this particular post is not the best time to use those particular transition words.  These words are more for paragraphs in which you are trying to teach

In this post, we encouraged them to use transitions such as;  “It was interesting when…”    “I learned…”   “I couldn’t believe that __________.”

DV Resources

Commenting Buddy List  (Round #2)

***Commenting Guidelines

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