Weekly Update (Feb. 24, 2017)

Must Know Info.

  1. February Classroom Volunteering
  2. March Classroom Volunteering
  3. EPiC Spirit Wear Sale (Feb. 20th-March 28th) – Shop HERE
  4. Author and Illustrator, Henry Cole, to Visit EPiC on March 3rd (Find his books HERE and send with your child for signing)
  5. Homework:  electronic link 
  6. Upcoming Week:  Feb. 21st-24th

Mon. 21st – NO SCHOOL

Tue.  22nd –  Homework comes home

Wed. 23rd  – 

Thur. 24th – 

Fri.  25th – Homework Due, HR #2 Library

EPiC School News, Reminders, and Announcements (by Studio 1)


Valentine’s Day Party 

Thank you to Mrs. Wolesky and all of the volunteers that provided a wonderful party!


PBL:  Living History Timelines

Our trip to Ridgeview Elementary was a success!  The students did a wonderful job of educating third graders about various important events in our country’s history!



 ELA:  Homophones


Math:   Area

Goal:  I can find the area of an irregular polygon.

Step 1:  Divide it into 2 regular polygons

Step 2:  Find the area of one polygon.

Step 3:  Find the area of the other polygon.

Step 4:  Add both areas together.


Reflex Math Facts:  Multiplication and Division

The current goal is that students are above 50%.  If your child is below this, you will get a sheet stapled to their menu (on Monday) that will have some important info. regarding how we can get them going so that they can at, or very close to, 100% by April 1st.

Daily Read-Aloud

Click on the image to purchase. This book is by, Henry Cole. He will visit EPiC soon!

Click on the image to purchase.
This book is by, Henry Cole. He will visit EPiC soon!



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