Round 2: Digital Volunteering Commenting Assignment #3 (Fri. April 7 – Wed. April 12)

This Week’s Commenting Time Frame

Please leave comments for your Comment Buddies between Friday, April 7th and Wednesday night, April 12th.

We are going to try to schedule time on Thursday, April 13th for students to read, make fixes based on your comments, and then leave you a reply.

This Week’s Blog Post to Provide Comment

Post:  Chicks Presentation (titles will vary)

This is NOT the post that is a letter to Dr. Schmitz and the two of us, but instead the post that contains either a Google Slideshow presentation or Book Creator book presentation.

Purpose of this particular post:  Their job was twofold:  1.  Educate EPiC students and adults about the incubator, eggs and baby chicks.    2.  Provide a few Visitor Rules and Times

Click on image to visit student blogs

Click on image to visit blogs

This Week’s Comment “Look-for’s” 

Look-for #1:  Design/Layout/Professionalism – for example, similar font on each page that is easy to read, headings in similar places and bolded, images in various places, background color that is not distracting, etc.

Look-for #2:  Quality paragraphs – for example, each paragraph contains a main idea, details with transition words, and a closing sentence

Look-for #3:  Did they meet their purpose – for example, did you learn about the incubatro/eggs/baby chicks and did you understand the rules and when would be best times to visit?

NOTE:  They worked really hard to put a positive spin on their rules so feel free to compliment the kind tone of their rules!

After leaving several compliments based off of the look-for’s above, please leave 2-3 tips for making it better so that next Thursday they will have something to change.


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Commenting Buddy List  (Round #2)

***Commenting Guidelines

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