Weekly Update (Friday, April 7, 2017)

Must Know Info.

  1. Classroom Volunteering in April/May/June :  If you are interested in volunteering from 12-1pm, please email Kellie in advance to set a time.  Thank you!
  2. Homework:  NO homework for remainder of year
  3. M.A.P. Math Testing: April 12 and 13 (morning block for testing)
  4. Mrs. DeBusk:  Soon, we will welcome Mrs. DeBusk to Studio 3!  Although we are sad to see Mrs. Shannon go (but so excited for her at the same time), and will miss her beyond words, we know that Mrs. Debusk will step in and do a wonderful job as well!  Welcome, Molly!
  5. April 10-14

Mon. 10th – Due to no school on Friday, BOTH Homerooms will have Library AND PE

Tue. 11th  –  

Wed. 12th   – M.A.P Math Testing (morning)

Thur. 13th – M.A.P Math Testing (morning)

Fri. 14th  –  NO SCHOOL


Latest posts include a persuasive letter to Dr. Schmitz in order to convince her to allow them to hatch chicks.

Another post is a creative presentation to the EPiC students and staff with the purpose of educating them about the incubator, eggs, and baby chicks as well as provide visiting rules.

Baby Chicks


  • Researched how to hatch chicks
  • Used their research to write a persuasive letter to their teachers and principal to convince us they knew enough and were responsible enough to hatch chicks
  • Created a Google Slideshow or Book Creator book to educate the students and staff about the incubator, eggs, and chicks as well as provide rules for visiting
  • Researched farms and factories to decide which would be the most responsible place to send our baby chicks.

ELA:  Leaving Quality Comments

Students left comments to their shoulder and face partners’ posts, providing compliments as well as constructive feedback for improvement.

Math:  Area of Irregular Polygons

Goal:  I can find the area of irregular polygons.

Step 1:  Divide (decompose) it into 2 regular polygons

Step 2:  Find the area of one polygon.

Step 3:  Find the area of the other polygon.

Step 4:  Add both areas together.

We used a little plea for help to motivate the students to practice, then create video tutorials for another grade level.  Having an audience always helps!


Daily Read-Aloud

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